Core Service

  • Testing Service

    Comprehensive testing service, covering application full life cycle, to ensure application quality, release application with confidence.

  • User Growth

    ASO service quickly improve application Impression, ranking, product conversion rate, and Increase monetization.

  • AI Training Data

    Providing high quality and cost effective data collection and annotation solutions and services for AI enterprises.

Testing Services

  • Remote Device Debugging

    Testin device farm has included most of the popular devices across the world and keeps updating devices list in time. Developers can access the devices through our web portal or from ADB to quickly check your app issue on selected devices.

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  • Compatibility Test

    A compatibility testing service help you create a script to cover main functions of your app. Running on selected devices or all popular devices in our testing lab. Quickly find function issue, UI issue, and other compatibility issue. Providing related debug info such as testing step, screenshot, log and bug description to help you debug efficiently.

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  • Bug Exploration

    Offshore testers create test plans based on your app category and requirement. Testing thoroughly with different methodologies and covering multi real user scenarios to help you find hidden defects.

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  • Use Case Testing

    Senior testing experts design and execute use cases of your app. All progress can be tracked online with detailed bug information logged to let your developers fix issue quickly.

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  • Automation Testing

    Automated test helps enterprises execute a large number of repetitive & multi-terminal test tasks in a short time, provide 7/24 hours of service, improve test efficiency and productivity, eliminate boredom of manual execution, and ensure reliability of App in function regression, compatibility, performance and other aspects

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  • Security Service

    Testin gathers senior security technology experts and security consulting experts from Microsoft, Huawei, ORACLE and other Business Partners, which can provide enterprises with security services such as mobile application security scanning, security penetration testing, commercial password application security evaluation and more

    We help enterprises to solve multi-dimensional security risks, to provide one-stop security services for enterprise, and make it away from growing threat of Internet security

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ASO Service

  • ASO Service

    ASO one-stop optimization solution. Providing application diagnosis, keyword selection, user growth strategy and promotion management. Quickly improve application ranking, improve conversion rate.

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AI Data

  • Data Collection Service

    Testin’s data collection team aims at helping AI enterprise transform real life scenarios to valuable data. With experienced scenarios designers and collection methodologies, help our clients get the data they want.

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  • Data Annotation Service

    Patent data annotation tools with highly trained annotation teams helping leading AI enterprises with different labeling requirements. Delivering results with high quality and cost-effective.

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