Product Feature

  • Functional Diversity
  • Online Script Recording
  • Open Interface
  • • Support multiple modes of task execution   • Provide a weak network connection, data package capture and other simple, practical tools   • Test completion outputs detailed reports for problem tracking and location

  • • Provide a graphical recording tool, easy to understand and installation free; • Rapid generation of automated scripts and de-coding of test cases; • Script modular packaging, block script writing

  • Deeply open business and core API, you can use API depth customization and combined with other test systems

Product Advantage

  • Test Cases Are Generated Quickly

    Online recording tool, graphical operation, support text, image, control of a variety of recognition methods
  • Test Scenario Diversification

    Support function, compatibility, performance, weak network connection, timed task, distributed execution and other test types
  • 24/7 Service

    Technical customer service online to answer questions, proprietary operation and maintenance to ensure stability of devices
  • Support Private Deployment

    Equipment supports distributed deployment (multi-point computer room, station access), and achieves physical and network isolation, making it more secure

Application Scenario

  • Company hopes to find product problems through automated tests, locate bugs quickly and fix them, ensure stable operation of App after its released, and reduce customer complaints and loss

  • Companies want to make testing more efficient and free up excess Labor. Automated testing enables us to save time, making test is no longer limited to 8 hours, and reduce repetitive work of staff, to avoid human errors in test process

  • Enterprise hopes to build an automated test system to realize online management of integration on personnel, equipment, scripts and tests, avoid data loss and information fault caused by personnel handover and other problems

Business Partner

Testin - An Application Service Platform For Enterprise