Product Features

  • Convenient Debugging Experience
  • Remote ADB Connection
  • In order to facilitate technicians to debug the App, remote real device provides online log view, screening, search, file transfer and other functions. At the same time, additional functions such as screenshot are also provided for convenience of recording problems found in the debugging process

  • It only needs 2 easy steps to connect the remote real machine locally for debugging, which not only enjoys the convenience of local debugging but also USES the real terminal equipment

Product Advantage

  • Equipment library is constantly updated, with high flexibility on hire and use

    Cloud equipment library has a complete set of models, and provides remote real device debugging and automatic test services online 24/7. Equipment library continues to update, first time release major brands new devices
  • Reduce enterprise procurement and management costs

    Enterprises buy device by themselves, with high equipment fluidity, asset management difficulty, equipment utilization rate is low. In most organization, purchase approval process of equipment and purchase cycle are long. Therefore, new models cannot be obtained in time
  • Convenient debugging operation and abundant data display

    Support Web browser, Eclipse, Android Studio and other IDE remote ADB connection and control cloud Android devices for development and debugging. Support operation process of logging and filtering display, download and save provide rotating screen, screen saver and other common shortcuts

Application Scenario

  • Enterprise hopes to test and debug application on latest model or latest operating system at market in timely manner. However, due to various possible reasons such as budget, management, process, etc., required model cannot be acquired in a timely manner

  • Enterprise receive feedback on problem from users, but it may only appear on specific models. Enterprises need to test and debug specified models within a short time to solve problem, in order to improve customer satisfaction or avoid problem getting bigger

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