Social / Video

Musically is a video social network app for video creation messaging. Through the app, users can create 15 second to 1-minute video and choose soundtracks to accompany them. As of May 2017, has over 200 million registered users.


As a video social network application, most of the products key features rely on the device’s camera and album API. However, Android is a fragmented market with thousands of different models across the globe. It is a big challenge for any enterprise to handle testing different devices. With such a large amount of registered users, each update should bring new features to continue to engage their users while maintaining quality. Thus, utilizes Testin’s compatibility test service and remote device access for each major update to combat the fragmented issue.


Compatibility Test: For each round of testing, gives Testin a series of test cases and device requirements. Then, Testin’s script engineer creates scripts based on the cases and then runs them on selected devices. From the results, a product manager will analyze the results and understand the compatibility test rate. The PM will pass off the report and analysis back to the developers to debug with logs and screenshots.

Remote Real Device Testing: Musically can login to Testin’s website and use browser to control a real device in Testin’s device farm. When they finished debugging, or there is feedback saying that some model of devices keeps crashing, they can login to Testin’s platform, and select the device with issues in the device farm to verify the issues.


Previously, the only way to check and fix issues is to distribute the application to real users. However, app store feedback and SDK monitoring solutions sometimes don’t give enough information, or the information is received too late. On top of that, the issue is already in the current patch and developers wouldn’t be able to fix it until the next update. This method seriously impacts the user experience and could decrease engagement and installation rates. With Testin's help, has the capability to check key features' compatibility rate in a test environment and fix them all before the release of the application. This ensures that the end user will get nothing but a high quality product.