The first McDonalds restaurant in China opened in 1990. Since then, McDonalds has expanded to over 2,400 stores across the country. As mobile trends continue to grow in China, companies have started to disrupt the status quo and shake up traditional industries. The restaurant industry has become increasingly competitive by offering differentiators in services or foods. One of the differentiators has been the rise of applications to offer delivery services for these restaurants.


To keep pace with this change, McDonalds China developed their own application to allow their users to get access to the latest menu changes, coupons, as well as order food quickly and conveniently to their home or gatherings. When they were developing the application, they realized that building applications for the Chinese market had its speed bumps. Fragmentation with the number of devices in China, network stability in different areas of the country, and various other issues were all hindering the development of the application.


To ensure they didn’t waste precious time and resources, McDonalds approached Testin to help. Testin has tens of thousands of models that can be automated for quick checks, and have thousands of testers across China to give real-time feedback of performance in specific locations. With products designed to target the specific pain points, Testin created a customized test plan ensuring these issues McDonalds faced were covered.


By covering these issues, McDonalds has a clear vision of what to prioritize during the development and changes to effectively balance their resources. Testin has been working closely with McDonalds the last couple years to help them run UAT and compatibility, ensuring great consumer experience and continually growing their market in China.