Product Feature

  • Visualization Bug Distribution Presentation
  • Locate Problem Information Comprehensively
  • Implementation Plan clear and Definite
  • Bug severity level, multi-dimensional statistical analysis of problem distribution of product function modules, visually and quickly obtain problem distribution of function modules

  • Device environment information, log, video record, steps and other information for accurate description of problem, to help you accurately and quickly locate problem

  • We’re using clear module division and time schedule, detailed test focus, to help enterprises fully grasp test situation, in order to meet test requirements

Product Advantage

  • Senior Testing Team

    Senior expert teams with years of industry experience in different fields are ready to dispatch tasks according to needs of client projects
  • Timely Delivery Response

    High Efficiency, Minimum 24 Hours Delivery
  • Wide Functional Coverage

    You can explore all aspects of application bugs
  • Customized Solution

    It Depends on Demand

Business Scenarios

  • With help of external professional testing resources, enterprise hopes to break through test limitations of fixed personnel, time, place and use mode, find out deep problems hidden in application

  • Enterprises hope to simulate real user behavior and put forward more comprehensive suggestions on application from perspective of users, including application cognition, appearance, experience, function, slot, etc., verify expected effect and improve application quality

  • Enterprise applications are environment-sensitive applications such as geographical, network and location. Enterprise's own test team is not enough to cover real user use scenarios, and it hopes to reproduce real user behaviors through external test forces to cover the real-field test situations

Business Partner

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