Product Feature

  • Clearly Displayed Implementation Result
  • Detailed Execution Steps
  • Clear Execution Plan
  • Implementation results and function coverage are clearly displayed, which helps enterprises quickly understand distribution of module problems

  • Detailed description of conditions and steps, strict review of execution results, clear correlation of Bug information, comprehensive display of execution results, and quick location of problems

  • We’re using clear module division and use case allocation, clear time schedule delivery period to ensure that test meets its requirement

Product Advantage

  • Senior Test Expert

    3-5 years’ testing experience experts dedicated testing service
  • Rapid Response Service

    Requirements can be delivered within 72 hours at the soonest
  • Quantifiable Cost

    Ensure that each use case design and execution is highly aligned with actual requirements of application, and test costs are spent in right place
  • Unique User Perspective

    Through user perspective, do not miss any Bug, fully ensure product quality

Business Scenarios

  • Problems such as inconsistent experience, disunity of dimensions, logic fallacy and process barrier occurred in product design before release, resulting in failure to release on time

  • Products have been released, and user feedback collection and expected effect verification have been conducted through crowd testing, quickly collect high-value feedback information and timely respond to market development

Business Partner

Testin - An Application Service Platform For Enterprise