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In such a competitive industry, Netease games is able to constantly present high quality games to mobile gamers. Netease games are very successful because their passion to build perfect games for their users.


The mobile market is very fragmented; OEMs have different specs and customized operating systems. For gaming developers, this provides a tough problem because it is hard to ensure that their games will work and behave the same way across all the devices being used. For Netease Games, they have strict requirements with their game quality, but with so many high quality games produced, they do not have enough testing resources to efficiently test all popular devices before each release cycle. Thus the development team turns to Testin for compatibility test services to check Android device compatibility issues to speed up its development cycle.


The development team leverages Testin’s compatibility test service to solve a variety of problems:

(1) Device coverage: As the leading cloud testing company, Testin has 4,500+ devices, which cover 95% of China's mobile market and 85% of U.S and Southeast Asian devices. Testin constantly updates the collection of devices, based on each device’s market share, to ensure the greatest device coverage.

(2) Service instead of tool: Among other existing compatibility test solutions, users have to write scripts and review result by themselves, which makes companies have to hire and train an extra employee with these specific skill sets just to use. This is not cost effective method, which is why Testin’s compatibility test service will help you create scripts based on users’ specific requirements. After each run, a Testin PM will review each device result and categorize into different issue.

(3) Test result: Testin’s compatibility test report provides a vast amount of information. Developers have utilized the logs, screenshots, and test steps to easily debug, and PMs can check performance data, overall pass rate and device user coverage (data is based on Umeng and Testin's own A/B Testing SDK) to best evaluate the current condition of their product.


Netease games integrates Testin’s compatibility test services into their development cycle and ensures that each update is compatible with most of the devices of their users.