Product Feature

  • Multidimensional Data Parsing
  • Covers Core Business Scenarios
  • Detailed Device Data
  • Interpret and analyze report from multiple dimensions, such as problems, models, industry data and performance, and provide historical data and competitive product analysis, facilitate customers to better analyze App compatibility

  • Personnel 1-to-1 use case writing not only covers the core business scenarios of App, but also supports complex operation scenarios such as SIM card, Wechat account, secure keyboard, short message verification code, etc.

  • Provide detailed terminal data, including problem description, screenshots, logs, performance data, hardware information, to facilitate customer positioning and solve problems found in compatibility testing

Product Advantage

  • Different Kinds of Devices

    Thousands of devices are deployed in cloud, covering mainstream device models and system versions of market, to ensure App maximum compatibility
  • Automated Cloud Testing Capabilities

    Record automatic execution script on tool independently developed by Testin testing. With support of cloud testing technology, perform test tasks automatically on the massive devices deployed by Testin testing laboratory
  • Comprehensive Test Report

    Cover core page and functions of App, provide mobile application compatibility quality testing service report with detailed information of operation process, screenshots, logs, performance indicators and other information corresponding to each step

Application Scenario

  • Enterprise hopes that when new products are launched, or each new version of software is launched, it can run stably on most devices. Problems such as failure to install, failure to run, UI disorder, unresponsive program, program flashback and other problems will lead to user complaints and loss

  • Companies want to make sure that smart hardware products can interoperate with phones of vast majority of users (such as Bluetooth compatibility). Companies want to make sure that their products don't interfere with the most popular apps on market

  • Enterprises encounter a large number of user feedback or complaints about compatibility problems, hoping to find problem recurrence reason in all devices

Business Partner

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