As a leader in the car industry, Mercedes Benz has always ensured high quality in everything they do. From online marketing, customer services, or application quality, Mercedes has always set the standard. As “Internet+” (refers to the application of the internet and other information technology in traditional industries) continues to grow, Mercedes has created their own roadmap for the development of their mobile application to expedite their internal communications and create an even better experience for their customers.


Mercedes Benz has several business units that developing apps. Continuously adding and improving features of the applications while maintaining the same high quality brings the challenges of ensuring QA keep up with the development cycle; and make sure that no critical bugs are falling through into the production build. The QA team saw the limitations and difficulties of scaling their testing resources to keep pace with the developers, so they needed to discover a way to become more efficient in how they tested.


Testin can provide full stack test solution for enterprises. These series of services cover functional testing, compatibility testing, load testing, security testing, automation testing, and much more. Mercedes utilizes Testin to run user acceptance testing which the QA team specifies the release date and coordinates with the Testin team to create a detail test plan to cover function, compatibility and sever load capability. The team will then analyze functional bug rates, compatibility rates, and sever capability to decide whether the product is ready for release.


The Mercedes team sees Testin as an extension of their test team. Testin QA effort is flexible where it can be changed based on the client’s own work load. With increasing needs from each department, the Mercedes QA team can expand quickly utilizing Testin and the services to meet all their demands. Mercedes Benz will continue updating and creating new digital products and the QA team will continue to rely on Testin to ensure quality end user experience.