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Testin Security Guard

Provide  one-stop all-around service in scanning, penetrating, auditing,
consulting, etc., protecting the security of your application to a maximum extent

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Testinpro private cloud

Capability, ease of use, privatization, centralized management of equipment

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Testin releasing version test

Systematic, evidence-based test method,The last thing before the App goes online

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test and driven through A/B

Simple and easy-to-use A/B test tool, improve percent conversion,
retention rate, revenue, and everything you want

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Automated script recording

Simplify test scripts writing

Manage test data

Let your test data no longer complex

Shorten test cycle

Automated services thoroughly improve team efficiency

Professional test team

Solve the problems of insufficient personnel and expertise

Testin walks you through every phase of software testing of your mobile application

  • Product test management

    Project test management

    help enterprises to provide formal test management, timely synchronize test progress and improve work efficiency。

    Bug management

    help enterprises to build professional cloud based Bug management and tracking system。

    Use case management

    Use case management: help enterprise manage the use case test tasks, precipitate test records and results, trace back and quantitatively evaluate at any time。

  • Product development phase

    Automated test

    help enterprises perform a large number of repetitive test tasks and multi-device test tasks in a short period of time。

    Use case management

    help the enterprise manage the use case test tasks, precipitate test records and results, trace back and quantitatively evaluate at any time。

    Remote device access

    help enterprises solve the problem of limited number of real devices Testin's cloud device pool could be used anytime and anywhere。

  • Product release phase

    Use case test

    solve the problems of insufficient testing time, shortage of test staff, and lack of expertise。

    Bug exploratory test

    help enterprises solve the limitations of fixed testers, time and locations, and provide quality assurance for the release of enterprise products。

    User research test

    help enterprises improve comprehensive cognition of positioning, design and experience of products, and improve user experience。

  • Product operation phase

    A/B test

    help enterprises optimize product conversion rate and reduce promotion cost; Significantly improve user retention and boost product performance; Reduce the risk of product iteration through gated launched new function to small scale of user for verification。

    User growth

    help enterprises promotion iOS and Android product in app market, and realize user accumulation from 0 to 1 or user acquisition from 1 to 100。


Testin's experiences to safeguard the quality of your apps

  • The number of tested apps was
  • The number of executed cases was
  • Found serious BUG

More options give you greater possibilities

  • Amap

    Amap is a well-known map navigation product in China. It's a comprehensive, convenient and reliable mapping service that has always been ranked at the forefront of map products. And the navigation success rate, the service ease of use, also has been commended by the users. Because of its high quality requirements, it choosed to cooperate with us Testin to enhance the product user experience.

  • Netease Games

    facing strong development of mobile game market nowadays, Netease games have excelled with enhanced research of mobile games. Multiple mobile games have achieved the success of millions of players simultaneously online. As one of the world's top seven game companies, Netease knows that a good game is never a quick one. It takes constant testing to be "successful". Collaboration with Testin in testing has improved these games.

  • Industrial Bank

    in the era of mobile Internet, Industrial Bank was the first one to put forward "Internet +" strategy in the banking industry. Industrial Bank launched the APP and became the indispensable "pocket bank" for users. Through Testin's compatibility test, the App of Industrial Bank could run perfectly on more phones and retain more customers.

  • New Oriental

    mobile internet penetration in education industry makes education more popularity and improve the teaching efficiency. Mobile internet integrates dispersed high quality teaching resources in different space and time. Testin as its partner, help accelerated integration process of New Oriental education and mobile Internet.

  • Benz

    in the current automobile industry chain, whether it is the former retail or the post-service market, the marketing communication way of them is no longer in the traditional media era. In the case of Benz, its marketing and rescue pages have long been implemented through H5. To meet the user experience of each user, Benz working with Testin using compatibility tests, to ensure that the pages are perfectly compatible with any mainstream mobile phone.

  • McDonald's

    even in catering industry that never has any qualitative changes for hundreds of years; under the impact of the Internet, it has begun to pursue the creation of its own Internet ecology. As a multinational fast food giant, McDonald's has been actively involved in the rise of the Internet, expanding its brand penetration through online marketing and business development.

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