Service Highlights

  • All kinds of devices

    The world 's largest real mobile devices laboratory, we deploys more than 4500 devices on the cloud. Completely cover Android, iOS mainstream version, and terminal type cover mobile phone, iPad, wearable device, intelligent home appliance and other intelligent terminals. The phone devices cover more than 95% of users.

  • All dimensions

    Support the enterprise tailor made process. Test the core pages and functions of the APP according to the requirements of the enterprise. Test report contains detailed information corresponding to each test step such as operation steps, screenshots, videos, logs, performance indexes, etc.

  • Wide applicable scope

    Fully automatied script performs the compatibility test of mobile application on the cloud and deliver results instantaneously. Fully support the compatibility test of mobile application, mobile game, H5 website, WeChat official account, WeChat mini-App and intelligent hardware. We also provide manual re-examination to ensures accurate results.

Service Advantages

  • Compatibility Test

    • The world 's largest cloud real device laboratory, with all devices and the latest update. Testin Mobile Application Testing Center is the only mobile application cloud testing center approved by CNAS China National Accreditation Testing Laboratory.
    • Experts record script and automatically executes in the cloud. The selected models and customized devices test covers most users in the market.
    • Full-automatic execution and manual review of test results to ensure quality.
    • The output data is comprehensive and abundant, including industry comparative analysis.
  • Traditional test

    • The number of self-purchased mobile devices is small, model representation is incomplete and the latest update is slow.
    • No special compatibility test or use functional tests of several devices to replace compatibility test. Hence failing to deliver on the requirement of compatibility coverage.
    • Manual execution and low test efficiency makes it is hard to achieve the compatibility test coverage.
    • The output result is simple and it lacks of multiple dimensional data analysis.

Application Scenarios

  • Enterprises hope when new products is online, or when new version of the software is online, it will be able to run stable condition on most mobile devices. They don't want to receive user's complaint or have user's loss problem caused by installation failure, running failure, malfunctioning UI, APP not responding or crash of APP.

  • Enterprises hope to confirm that smart hardware products can interoperate with mobile phones of the vast majority of users (e.g. Bluetooth - compatibility).

  • Enterprises hope to confirm there is no mutual interference when the product works together with the most mainstream application in the user 's phones.

Customer case

China Mobile


Customer's pain points Customer' success

Low efficiency of compatibility test

The test team cannot complete the compatibility test covering hundreds of devices in a short time (within 1 - 2 days). The test team has few terminals. The customer uses deep compatibility test and receives a multiple dimensional compatibility report in a short time. Testing out hundred of incompatible devices to help customer to find the startup, crash, UI and other compatibility problems on the terminal. Help the customer avoid the risk successfully before the launch of APP.