Our Story

A leading service provider in Artificial intelligence industry.

Testin founded in 2011, with 700+ employees across the world. Testin is an enterprise service platform that provides testing, security, promotion, product optimization, monetization, and AI data solutions for more than one million developers and enterprises worldwide.

Testin Data solution provides data collection and labeling services for AI enterprises. Via 2 million registered crowdsourcing users and dedicated data collection team to fulfill different collection scenarios. Testin data labeling team work with our talented engineers and our own annotation tools, provide accurate labeling results efficiently.

  • Crowdsourcng Platform

    Crowdsourcing platform with various user demographic and mature distribution mechanism, and self-built collection team quickly respond to various customization scenarios. The two modes provide normative, rich, continuous raw data.

  • Annotation Service

    Self-developing annotation tools with weekly iterate update. Reducing customer cost by improving efficiency.

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