Service Highlights

  • Cloud use case management

    Different test case libraries are assigned to different project members, and the members of the project team share the use case data.

  • Teamwork Test

    You can select the appropriate use cases in the use-case library, constitute the test case task, distribute it to the project team members, and track the test results at any time.

  • Seemless import/export

    Support one key import/export use case list, and the offline test case records can seamlessly switch to the cloud management.

Service Advantages

  • Case Management

    • It replaces traditional use case maintenance, and all will be completed in the cloud. Only the necessary information will be filled in according to the test step, the test case will be generated immediately. You only need to fill in the necessary information in accordance with the test procedure and the test case will generate immediately. It supports importing the exclusive use case library of enterprises.
    • It seamlessly interfaces with test project management and bug management. Use case design and use case execution can automatically connect, and Bug can automatically connect test cases, which can eliminate duplicate entry, and reduce maintenance cost by use case.
  • Traditional test

    • There is no test case management and no systematic test case design before testing or use cases are scattered in the hands of testers. The test coverage is difficult to evaluate and the test execution cannot be tracked.
    • The independent test case management tools, use case design and use case execution makes the useage tedious and the maintenance cost of use case very high.

Application Scenarios

  • The enterprise still uses the traditional manual way to manage the test case, and hopes to maintain and manage the use cases, settle the assets in the process of test and reuse the use-cases iteratively by introducing the simple and easy test case management system.

  • The enterprise still uses the isolated test case management system, and hopes to solve the problem that developers and testers switch between multiple systems by introducing the integrated test case management tool.

  • The enterprise hopes to provide the management basis for judging the workload, test efficiency and test result of test personnel through quantitative tracking of test case design process.