Service Highlights

  • Security detection

    Scan the application program code, configuration file and other contents. To find the potential virus, Trojan horse, sensitive authorization invocation and other risks.

  • Risk assessment

    Carry out risk evaluation on function invocation, system composition and risk interface.

  • Resolve recommendations

    Provide professional and feasible solutions to the risks identified by the security detection system.

Service Advantages

  • Application Security Scanning

    • Use static and dynamic scanning, malicious analysis and other technologies to locate code issues precisely.
    • Efficient automated scanning can issue security scanning report in 10 minute. Test process is completely recorded.
    • The code scanning tool of independent intellectual property rights, scanning checkpoints include configuration security, code security, component security, data security, encryption security, communication security, etc. Internal risk of application is detected comprehensively.
  • Traditional test

    • No security scanning or single scanning scheme cannot accurately locate code security problem and bury potential risk.
    • The record in the security scanning process is absent and no comprehensie security detection report can be issued.
    • Human inspection or use of open source scanning tools. Scanning checkpoint missing. The scope of each risk cannot be fully covered.

Application Scenarios

  • Enterprise applications include customer sensitive information such as personal data, privacy information, transaction information, transaction passwords, etc. The enterprises hopes to ensure that application code does not pose a low-level potential risk for causing loss of property, reputation, privacy, etc., of an enterprise or end-user.

  • The enterprise hopes to ensure that the code of each version does not introduce new low-level potential risk during the application development stage.

  • Enterprise applications that include open source codes or are embedded third-party SDK , etc., need to ensure that these codes or components do not have low-level security issues.

Customer case

Bank APP


Customer pain point Customer' s success

The application with potential risks of causing serious property security threat.

The security requirement of the enterprise is very high. Through the security test of Testin, find the existing WebView remote code execution, local storage of the sensitive information in plain text and other security risks. The enterprise took corrective actions to avoid the potential security risk after the product is released.