Service Highlights

  • Customized testing

    The senior security expert shall conduct the non-destructive penetration test with the permission from the enterprise, and the test result shall be kept strictly confidential. Customize security test program, professional security test report and repair suggestion will be provided.

  • Multi-dimension

    Comprehensive 360 degree coverage APP testing and website testing, use in combination multiple professional security test tools with self-developed security tools. More than 100 security inspection points cover environmental security, data security, communication security, logic security, etc. Solving client, host, network, operate system, application and other security issues comprehensively.

  • Follow-up service

    It can further provide enterprise security system planning and architecture consulting service and code design service.

Service Advantages

  • Security Penetration Test

    • Testin security test experts have worked in the security sector of companies such as Microsoft, Ali, HP, Xdowns, Huawei, etc., with top security testing technology and professional security testing tools. Covering more than 40 deep test points, provide professional security report and accurately pinpoint code issues.
    • Sign security test confidentiality agreement with the enterprise customer. At the time and place authorized by the enterprise customer, the white hat experts of Testin shall conduct non-destructive security test to ensure that the enterprise system can stand a security attach and the security vulnerabilities will be identified for the customer.
  • Traditional test

    • Do not do the security penatration test, or lack the security special test personnel. Rely on the function test personnel to do simple logic test, cannot use the hacker tools to simulate the malicious acts.
    • Enterprises use some Internet security service platform to carry out self service security test. The identity and background of testers is opaque. Can't really determine whether attacks are malicious acts or friendly testing. The process lacks legal protection. Secrecy of the result can not be guaranteed. The process of security test is often the start of security getting out of control.

Application Scenarios

  • Enterprise hopes to conduct a code security audit during the product development phase so that problem can be found early and repair cost is low.

  • Enterprise hopes to carry out comprehensive and thorough penetration test before the product release. To deal with the high-risk point within different industries and to comprehensively evaluate the potential risk.

  • In the process of ongoing product operation, the enterprise conduct the security penetration test continously. They hope to be the first one to find and solve the security risks/vulnerabilities arising from the application operation to avoid potential loss.

Customer case

One logistics in Chongqing


Customer's pain point Customer's success

The security of customer information and relevant data needs to be guaranteed.

The enterprise expects to have no data leakage. A database injection, denial of service and unauthorized issues are found on APP by Testin security penetration test service. The security quality of APP has been greatly improved in working with Testin security experts to fix the problems. There has been no security problem after it launched.