Current Status of Application Security

98% of mobile applications have security exposures
80% of attacks take place in the application layer
46% of web-sites have security exposures

Products and Services

Testin security scanning testing can be experienced in a few easy steps, even for security testing novice. Common security faults are probed using static/dynamic scanning and other techniques,  and detailed mitigation suggestions are provided for detected faults.

Security Scanning

Taking the role of a attacker, explore the application system for latent security exposures. Discover security issues that can cause enterprise data to be compromised or assets to be lost before hackers, helping enterprises to remedy the faults.

Penetration Testing

Testin, the established security expert, uses automation assisted human expertise approach to delve into application coding to expose any security concerns, reducing security issues inherent in the source code and strengthening the ability of the application system against intrusion.

Code Audit

Values and Recommendation

Legalise User Trust Reduce Economic Loss Enhance Enterprise Image Increase Asset Valuation
Require Architecture Coding Testing Release Cost of Security Fault Remedial Actions

Our Strengths

Testing Dimensions Testin Security Testing Generic Tools Scanning
Application Loopholes
System Loopholes
Business Logic Loopholes
User Rights Loopholes
Security Configuration Errors
Code Audit
Social Engineering Hacking
Fault Recurrence
Professional Report and Recommendations
Fault Repair Verification
Emergency Response

Solutions by Industry


Provide in depth testing to cover the painpoints of Internet Finance, eCommerce and similar industries, in areas such as business security, payment security and malicious orders.


Provide the most pertinent testing service through the accumulation of often seen Financial Industry hacks and loopholds, and strive to mitigate the risks from the base through training of R&D teams.


Through surveillance of the security status of commercial industry from multiple approaches, provide the most pertinent security testing and consulting service.


Conduct security risk assessment tests on different dimensions such as operation management, application and data, and provide professional recommendations against the uncovered faults.


For the specific user scenarios and cases, provide targetted end-point, management and cloud security testing.

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