Current Situation of APP Security

98% of mobile Apps have vulnerabilities
80% attacks occur in the APP level
46% of websites have vulnerabilities

Products and Service

It is no need of security test experience, and you can experience the cloud-end security scanning service by simple steps of operations. Position the high-incidence security problems with static scanning and dynamic scanning technology within 10 minutes and provide detailed repair scheme

APP Security Scanning

Excavate the security risks in the App system from the view of attackers, find the vulnerabilities that can cause the data disclosure and asset loss of enterprises earlier than hackers and assist enterprises with the repair.

Security Penetration Test

The security experts of Testin adopt the metohd of tools combined with manual work and deeply examine the security problems of code level to reduce the security vulnerabilities in the source code and improve the security protection ability of the system.

Code Audit

Value and Suggestions

Legalise Increase Trust Reduce Losses Enhance Image Improve Valuation
PR Design Develop Test Release Vulnerability Repair Cost

Our Advantages

Detection Dimension Testin Security Test Common Tool Scanning
App Vulnerabilities
System Vulnerabilities
Business Logic Vulnerabilities
Access Vulnerabilities
Security Configuration Error
Code Audit
Social Engineering Attack
Vulnerabilities Reappearance
Professional Report and Repair Suggestion
Repair and Verification
Emergency Response

Industry Solutions


Aiming at the pain-point of internet finance, e-commerce and other industries,provide deep detection on business security, payment security, click farming,etc.


Integrate common attacks and vulnerabilities of finance industry, provide targeted testing service and strive to avoid risk from the source by training R&D personnel.


Examine the security status of operators from muti-angle and provide targeted security test and consulting service.


Carry out security risk assessment test on management mode, App, data and other dimensions, and provide professional rectification comments on the problems.


Provide security test on end, tube and cloud on the basis of user scenario.

Client's Cases