Testinpro private cloud

Testinpro integrates years of automation test experiences of Testin, years of automation test research and development achievements of testin. Assisting clients to build private test platform internal automation test capability.

Service Introduction

  • Graphical script recording

    Without writing code, graphical recording is easy to operate, supporting multiple recognition modes of control & image & OCR & coordinate

  • Complex scene support

    Support text/picture/object assertion, if&for expression, gesture password & keypad, support test data parameterization and other advanced recording capabilities, covering all kinds of complex automation scenarios

  • Equipment management & task scheduling

    The unified management of equipment can easily control the equipment remotely manage and monitor test environment The platform could realize multi-strategy scheduling of test task, dynamic allocation of idle test equipment, distributed execution of split script, maximizing test efficiency

  • Continuous integration

    Flexible Open API and CI and other third-party system integration, easy to complete automation construction and integration with other test systems