Service Highlights

  • Personnel and project team management

    The enterprise administrator can create and manage the internal personnel of the enterprise, and create multiple project teams for the enterprise. Each project group shall have different working spaces (including personnel, application, case library, bug library, test report , etc.).

  • Version management and distribution

    Manage the APP version, distribute quickly the latest application version and collect problems in the project team/enterprise.

  • Test task management

    Create and manage various types of test tasks, view the project team data according to the multi-dimension of task type, task progress, project members and etc. The project progress and result are rather clear.

Service Advantages

  • Test project management

    • Use project teams as the base working unit to allocate test resources flexibly, to set up test plans in an orderly manner, to strengthen test process management,to provide organization, tool and process assurance for test quality.
    • The test process and results are recorded online for long-term tracking, analysis and improvement. The project team shares the test space and the information transparently.
    • Real-time track the project test progress, quantitatively analyze the work efficiency of project team and result output.
  • Traditional test

    • The test process and personnel management are mixed, and the management of the test object is in chaos. The test plan is lacking, and the test is random, so the test quality depends on the personal qualities, and the test effect is unstable.
    • The traditional office tools, IM tools and mail are used to record the test process and communicate the test process. The information synchronization is difficult, and the efficiency is low. The information is easy to be lost, and the process is inconvenient to recall.
    • The work result of the project member cannot be quantified and the examination lacks basis.

Application Scenarios

  • The enterprise hopes to standardize, to have a process and visualize the test management, improve the test efficiency by strengthening the management of test process, and ensure the test quality.

  • The enterprise hopes to record and supervise the whole process of test, keep track of the test process at any time, recall and analyze the test results.

  • The enterprise hopes to manage the large-scale test and development team in an orderly way, and conduct multiple projects test.