Service Highlights

  • Expert service

    Senior performance test expert's personal service customizes performance testing program according to enterprise demands and product characteristics. Benchmark, single scene, load, stability and other test scenes verify whether the system meets the design performance requirements.

  • Multiple tests

    Single module performance test, overall system performance, performance bottleneck test, software and hardware resource matching test, multi-module proportioning test, comprehensive detection performance parameters provide data basis for software and hardware expansion.

  • Optimization recommendations

    Precisely analyze performance bottleneck points, and provide performance optimization suggestions.

Service Advantages

  • Performance Test

    • Senior performance experts customize performance testing program. Accurately calculate software performance and the scheme of matching of software and hardware without wasting resources.
    • Professional performance testing experts and complete performance testing methodology, accurately positions performance problems.
    • Professional performance test team services various enterprise customers in the long term, and the experience of actual war is rich. They well grasp vairous performance testing methods and performance testing tools to ensure high efficiency.
  • Traditional test

    • Do not understand or do not conduct performance testing. Do not do software and hardware ratio comparison matching. Freely purchase hardware resources and the waste is serious.
    • Lack of performance testing expert and professional performance testing team, no performance plans. Nothing can be done when performance issues occur, take stopgap methods or solve by add hardware.
    • The requirement of performance test team and test environment is high. The input cose is high, The personnel training cycle is long, and the single project of the enterprise is difficult to provide enough actual combat opportunities.

Application Scenarios

  • Enterprises hope to calculate performance data accurately, optimize the proportion of software and hardware and deploy, reduce cost of service, and avoid configuring hardware and software resources by feeling.

  • The enterprise hopes to discover the structural problem in advance, avoid problems of long response time/unstable service performance bottleneck casued by design flaw and improve avaliability of service.

  • The enterprise hopes to verify whether the technical development results are reasonable and conform to the design expectation through performance testing, and decide whether it meets the standards to go online.

Customer case

Yue Xueyuan

Automotive Industry

Customer's pain point Customer's success

It cannot support 5000 people taking online examination

By providing testing and verify the performance indicators of BMW server, Testin provides relevant tuning suggestions and improved performance. IT technical department got positive feedback from the BMW internal customer group. The complaint rate of the app's slowness, no response rate drops by 85%. The buffer rate of online video playback, customer company employee training answer and other business has been greatly improved.