Service Highlights

  • Full Control

    The device does not require Root/jailbreak and supports the complete control of the Android/ iOS device.

  • Easy to operate

    Support for Web browsers, Eclipse, Android Studio, and other IDE. Connect and control cloud Android devices remotely by remote ADB and conduct development debugging.

  • Support

    Support log record and screen display during operation, download and save. Support rotary screen, screen capture and other common shortcut operations.

Service Advantages

  • Remote Real Device Test

    • Share all cloud devices of Testin, which you pay per usage and at low cost.
    • The latest new model of mobile phones will be available on Testin Cloud on a timely basis.
  • Traditional test

    • Enterprises purchase devices themselves, and the devices circulate frequently. The asset management is difficult and utilization of equipment is low.
    • Approval process of applications for procuremen of enterprise equipment is long, and the procurement cycle is long, and new devices can not be timely.

Application Scenarios

  • Enterprises hope to test and debug timely the developed applications on new hot devices in the market or on the latest operating system; but it is impossible to obtain all the required models in time due to various possible reasons, such as budget, management and procedure.

  • The enterprise receives a question feedback or complaint from the user, but the problem only appears on the specific device. The enterprise needs to use the appointed device to test, debug in a short time to solve the problem, and improve customer satisfaction/avoid the expansion impact of the problem.

Customer case

Koudai Shopping


Customer's pain point Customer success

Few test equipment.

The emerged problem of the enterprise cannot be tested directly on the mobile phone of the appointed device, and the equipment purchase cost is high and the demand is not fixed. Resulting in test difficulty and low efficiency in problem resolution. After purchasing the Testin remote real device debugging, customer will obtain a large number of device equipment pool. 99% of the problems can be tested on the designated device. The log, screenshot, model and other complete test information are retained for each test. It both solves the problem of cost of equipment procurement and maintenance, it also significantly improves the efficiency of bug discovery.