Service Highlights

  • On-line design and implementation of use case

    Complete transparent management, use case design and execution is finished completely online. Enterprise customers can keep track of test progress and evaluate test results at any time.

  • Expert Tags and grading

    The Testin platform has more than 2000 test experts with 3-5 years experience in different fields. We performed multi-dimensional label definition, qualification certification and customer ranking on historical test performed on these experts. To ensure that our enterprise customers can obtain the best matched experts to perfrom their test services.

  • Individualized test

    The test expert recommends the optimal test plan to the enterprise according to the enterprise' s demands and his professional opinion, and completes the report delivery and tracking service within the agreed time.

Service Advantages

  • Expert Case Test

    • Powerful professionism: Testin platform smart selects test experts and test team with matching experience and quality service for enterprises. Experts must have at least 3 years of testing experience in the field.
    • Fast: Fast response to sudden demand, the number of tests can be flexible, solve the bottleneck of persons of enterprise test.
    • Pay-per-demand: cost-effective, the test cost can be budgeted.
    • High efficiency: deliver the test report within 72 hour.
  • Traditional test

    • It is difficult for enterprises to find professional tester at the last minute.
    • It is difficult for enterprises to organize flexible and variable test teams.
    • Whether your test is fully engaged or not, the enterprise will always need to pay a high fixed test cost.
    • It is difficult to ensure the test delivery time when the enterprise cannot retain the test team meeting the peak workload for cost savings.

Application Scenarios

  • The enterprise lacks professional test leader, and hopes to complete the whole test design with the help of external experts.

  • Because of budget reason, the enterprise is unable to organize the scale matching test team, or because of experience and other reasons, it is impossible to organize high-quality test, and it hopes to use external test resources flexibly as the substitute or supplement of the own test resources.

  • The enterprise hopes to introduce the external brain to deal with the long-term "aesthetic fatigue" of the internal test team. Supplement the test from the user's perspective and from different dimensions to ensure the quality of the products in different dimensions.

Customer case

New Oriental Pop's Education


Customer's pain point Customer's success

High cost of time and manpower

Because of the difference of network, regional environment, the cost of time and labor is high and the automated function test is very complicated. Testin used case service to help the New Oriental to complete the test on-line, and improve the customer's experience on the product. At the same time, it helps New Oriental to complete the internal use case library construction. The digitalization and database work of Testin use case makes every test transparent and can be build upon. The introduction of Testin use case test standard has not only perfected the New Oriental QA use case base system, but also indirectly increased the ROI.