Service Highlights

  • Laboratory

    Professional user research laboratory, professional user behavior capture equipment, professional user research expert provides customized services.

  • Quantitative analysis

    Intuitively collect, analyze and arrange when the target user uses the testing product. Body language analysis, micro-facial expression analysis, questionnaire, interview and other means ensure that each information collection is accurate to the perceived of the tested product.

  • Survey perception

    Collect and analyze the perception of target users with qualitative and quantitative methods. Intuitive data show and analysis centralizes and optimizes iteration direction, reduces the time and cost of invalid iteration.

Service Advantages

  • User Research Test

    • The real target user, the actual usage behavior is how we measure the product. This is to set expectations for product data.
    • Customize and select accurate target user to conduct user for user research according to enterprise needs, and the data credibility is high.
    • On the basis of scientific theory, high quality recording, video recording, screen recording, behavior capture, time and multi - dimensional collection of user perception. Multi-domain expert analysis provides scientific and objective advice on the basis of real data.
  • Traditional test

    • Without professional user research, decision easily comes from experience or surmise. Lack product analysis data can easily blindly affirm or deny.
    • The target user group can not be locked precisely。The user research is done by means of network questionnaire and online user feedback, and the reliability of data is low.
    • There is no theoretical guidance, no professional user research equipment and user research expert. It thinks that the user interview is the user research, and it can not penetrate the user' s real psychology. It takes the artificial observation as the judgment basis, and it cannot exclude the user's ineffective perception.

Application Scenarios

  • The enterprise hopes to accurately grasp the cognition and behavior of the target users in the product design phase, and eliminate the cognitive dissymmetry among the target users, product managers and project decision makers.

  • The enterprise wants to improve the efficiency of product release, select the suitable release media and channel according to the target user, eliminate the low ROI promotion, reduce the release cost, and improve the user retention rate.

  • The enterprise hopes to improve the product experience, improve the customer satisfaction and improve the competitiveness of the products through the user 's study of the test depth understanding and the difference between competing products and the user' s tendency.

Customer case


high - end medical treatment

Customer Pain Customer's success

Low customer retention

The company has a high unit price for the customer, and the user research test and analysis and the targeted users interview analysis has been completed in the Testin User Research Lab. According to user research results, modify more than 70 ease-of-use and usability problems, clarify product direction and reduce invalid iteration. Tracking shows target user retention is up to 400%