Service Highlights

  • Use case library creation

    Create use case test tasks based on use-case library.

  • Project team members

    Assign and distribute use-case test task based on project team members, and support the parallel execution of test tasks.

  • Submit Bug

    Submit Bug to the Bug library based on the test results.

Service Advantages

  • Case Test

    • Seamless docking test management, use case management, bug management. Each execution process is traceable, and use-case can filter the organization flexibly and execute repeatedly according to the conditions.
    • Bug can be imported into the Bug library with one key to reduce repeated input and it is accurate and efficient.
  • Traditional test

    • There is no direct use-case assignment means, and the efficiency of assigning the test task is low, and it is easy to miss. Without the test process trace and record, the actual task execution process cannot be checked.
    • The lack of a Bug management tool, or the lack of interaction between the use case test and the Bug management tool results in second entry and the efficiency is low.

Application Scenarios

  • The enterprise does not have a systematic use case test, or the use-case cannot be efficiently allocated, and the result cannot be quickly recovered and aggregated. They hope to introduce the use case test tool to improve the efficiency of test cooperation, manage the test process, record and backtrack the test results.

  • The enterprise hopes to provide the management basis for judging the workload, test efficiency and test result of the test personnel through the quantitative tracking of the test execution process.