Service Highlights

  • Speed Bug entry

    Manual test of the screen, etc., sweep code can directly enter the corresponding bug items and it is no need for a second entry.

  • Custom Filter

    The project team members can customize the filter, quickly filter bug or statistical data of their interest according to the Bug source, module, status, handler, priority and other dimensions, and improve the work efficiency.

  • Bug automatic collection

    all the Bug and relevant environmental data (cases, steps, logs, screenshots, videos, etc.) that appear in the Test Report in the enterprise edition platform of Testin can be automatically collected to the Bug library of the project team, so as to facilitate management and tracking uniformly.

Service Advantages

  • Bug Management

    • It will work seamlessly with the test project management system, case management and other functions. It automatically collect and manage the bugs in the test process. Developers and testers cooperate and work efficiently.
    • The test results of function test, compatibility test, user experience test, automated test and other test tasks can be seamlessly connected with the Bug library without re-entry; the Bug generated by different types of tests is clearly classified, and the ability of swift scanning code to enter Bug for APP testing is set specifically for APP testing.
    • Easy-to-use Bug console can mark Bugs in multiple dimensions and make real - time statistics for Bug progress and status without need to install, and it can be used without threshold.
  • Traditional test

    • Without Bug management system, bug records and notifications are made by traditional methods such as Excel, mail, etc.; or there are isolated Bug management systems, but they cannot be effectively integrated with the whole test system, and developers and testers frequently Switching operation in the system with low efficiency.
    • The single Bug mode is unable to reflect the particularity of different test types. Separation of test and bug entry procedures requires secondary entry.
    • The complex installation, setting and statistical functions and dazzling parameters setting, the cost of installation and maintenance is high, and learning barriers are high.

Application Scenarios

  • The enterprise still uses the traditional manual way to manage bug, and hopes to track bug by introducing the simple and well-used Bug management system.

  • The enterprise still uses the isolated Bug management system, and hopes to solve the problem that developers and testers switch between multiple systems by introducing an integrated bug management system.

  • The enterprise hopes to provide the management basis for judging the workload, test efficiency, test result and developer's code quality and bug solving efficiency through the quantitative tracking of bug generation and solution process.