Service Highlights

  • Execute online

    Transparent management goes through the whole process, and testing progress and test results is tracked on-line, and it seamlessly connects Bug management system.

  • The professional testing team

    Testing project experts with 5 years of experience, professional testing engineers with 3-5 years of experience perform the test work and allocate tasks at any time according to the needs of enterprises.

  • High-matching project management

    Based on the big data, match experts and tester resources for the enterprise. Plans, organizes, commands, coordinates, controls and evaluates the whole process from the beginning to the end of the project to ensure the testing quality.

Service Advantages

  • Bug Exploration

    • There are no pre-set boundary tests. Elastic test resources really analog the usage of user, and various exploratory test methods breakthrough fixed thought limitation and test fatigue, and find hidden problems.
    • The flexible test resources spread all over the country to make up the enterprise' s shortage of experience, persons and real scene. A variety of exploratory testing methods ensure that products stably run under any circumstances.
    • Use on demand, low cost and high quality, and the shortest delivery time of the test report is within 24 hours.
  • Traditional test

    • Fixed personnel, time, location and scene is easy to form fixed test patterns, makes it difficult to find hidden problems.
    • The test method of the internal testing personnel of the enterprise is single, which is difficult to fully cover the actual user' s use scenario, and the test bottleneck is obvious.
    • Enterprises cannot achieve equalibrium between test quality and test cost. Low cost means low quality and high quality requires high cost.

Application Scenarios

  • Enterprises hope to use external professional test resources to break through the test limitations of fixed personnel, fixed time, fixed place and fixed-use mode, and find hidden problems.

  • The enterprise hopes that the tester simulates the real user' s behavior, and makes more comprehensive suggestions to the product from the user' s viewpoint, including product cognition, product appearance, product experience, product function, product problems, etc., verifies the expected effect, and improves the product quality.

  • The enterprise app is sensitive to environment, region, network, location and etc. The in house test team of the enterprise is not enough to cover the actual user 's use scenario. Hopes to reproduce the real user behavior through external test force to cover the field test link.

Customer case

McDelivery of McDonalds

Traditional Catering

Customer's pain point Customer's success

Lack of experience with APP user experience

The general functional test of the product of the enterprise cannot effectively cover all users'use path and scenes. So that there are frequent complaints. Through Bug exploration, bugs that affects user experience in terms of function is found out. Effectively improved the quality of products, improving customer satisfaction of the APP by reduce 20% of complaints.