Service Highlights

  • Online scripted recording

    iTestin Online intelligent automated script generation tool is unnecessary to install and has no barriers for online use, WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get), and the test script generates automatically in the operation of the application. It supports script group, nested script and other script combination and reuse capability, supports multiple input parameter and test data source. The same set of test script can finish different test scenario according to different input parameters and data source and improve script efficiency.

  • A variety of test task modes

    It supports functions, compatibility, performance, weak network, timing task, cycle task, full implementation, distributed execution and other automated test types and execution modes and flexibly sets test plan.

  • Cross-equipment intelligent execution

    It supports mobile phone, PAD , set-top box, intelligent TV, intelligent vehicle system and other intelligent terminal. Once script recording can be executed across devices. Script execution mode can silently switch, and the seamless connection of control, coordinate, image recognition, OCR , machine learning technology ensures script robustness.

Service Advantages

  • Automated Test

    • Testin knew (6 + years, > 4500 terminals,, > 2 million applications, > 200 million tests) automated testing technology core independent intellectual property rights, support the latest Android, iOS operating system version as they release. Provide iTestin Online no-barriers script test recording tool, and one recording can be used cross-devices.
    • Rich cloud test mode supports distributed deployment of end points, supports script management, data source management, report management, etc. To help enterprises to build upon the previous test process assets. It supports the open interface and the enterprise CI (continuous integration) system docking, and assists the daily build automatic test under the agile development mode. It integrates remote real device technology, and the whole cloud testing process can be monitored.
    • Multiple equipment usage mode supports exclusive usage of equipment, shared usage of equipment and many kinds of online usage mode and it can flexibly customize usage program according to enterprise. Use cloud equipment at anytime and anywhere. It has high efficiency and zero maintenance cost.
  • Traditional test

    • No test automation technology, all manual execution. Or rely on open source software to build a simple automated test tools and test capabilities, Application scenarios are extremely limited. No script recording capability, script development, debugging and maintenance costs are high. It can not meet the needs of agile development.
    • The test mode is simple. It is still a small scale function automation test with single machine control for several test terminals. There is no cloud platform management. It is unable to build upon the previous test process assets, and the cooperation and expandability are poor.
    • It is limited to the existing end point brands and types owned by enterprises. It cannot use resources flexibly and it can not be distributed deployed and implemented. The maintenance cost is high.

Application Scenarios

  • The enterprise hopes to replace the massive regression tests by manual operation , tests requiring repeated execution, test tasks that need unattended operation (such as real-time availability monitoring of production system, stability test, etc) by introducing the automatic test capability

  • Enterprises have tried to build automated test development teams themselves and tried to use open-source automated testing tools or other traditional business automation testing tools, but it is found that efficiencies and effects are difficult to really available. Enterprises hope to use the most advanced and mature commercial automated testing technology that has been validated by the industry directly to reduce cost and improve efficiency.