Data Driven Product Optimization

Improve percent conversion

Boost button click rate through scientific experiments
so as to improve percent conversion、 retention rate

Drive product optimization

Thoroughly optimize all aspects of product,
drive product growth in terms of text,color, location,registration process,and backstage algorithm

Reduce product iteration risk

Gated launch new version
Effectively control product iteration risk

Core Functions

  • A/B test

    Drive product optimization through scientific
    experiments and data analysis

  • Individuation

    Provide personalized products based on user labels Effectively improve product percent conversion
    retention rate

  • Gated Launch

    Reduce product iteration risk, reduce risks of online accidents and bugs

Core Advantages

  • Life Cycle

    Conduct in-depth user experience test by more than 160,000 testers of Testin crowdtesting platform

  • Full Platform Support

    Fully support iOS, android, Web/H5, and WeChat mini apps And rear-end full platform A/B test visualization

Real-time multidimensional combinatory analysis system

constructed based on Druid, Testin A/B successfully realized second-level real-time data processing towards ten million level application of Nikkatsu, assisting the company on real-time insight into variation trend of experimental data, and making product decisions quickly and efficiently.

Autho:Liu Qiyun

Testin Technical Director
Hadoop/Spark/Druid source contributor
Industry senior expert in big data technology

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